Margot Wilson’s daughter, Charlotte, was murdered on December 28 2000 when the bus she was travelling on to Bujumbura in Burundi was attacked by rebels.She was working as a VSO volunteer, teaching Science, in Rwanda. The rebels killed most of the twenty plus passengers on the bus including Charlotte’s Burundian fiance and several children. No-one has been prosecuted for this attack. Several sources point to the Forces National de Liberation, an extremist Hutu group, as being responsible.
This weblog is the record of a walk of 400 miles as part of a fund-raising effort for the Charlotte Wilson Memorial Fund which provides support to projects to alleviate poverty in Rwanda and Burundi.  400 miles is roughly the tenth part of the distance to Rwanda. Margot is now walking another 400 miles. The challenge is to finish this second leg by December 28 2011, the  anniversary of Charlotte’s death.
Margot’s son, Richard, has written ‘Titanic Express’ about the attack in which Charlotte died and more. He is active in campaigning to bring the FNL to account for this crime and other atrocities such as the massacre at Gatumba in 2004. Autumn 2008 saw the publication of his second book ‘Don’t Get Fooled Again’.
Margot’s younger daughter Catherine helps with the memorial fund together with Richard and six other trustees. She spent six weeks travelling with Charlotte around Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania,  in the summer of 2000.


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  1. I found your blog when I was looking for a picture of Nuneham Courtney for a play I am producing about Alice of Alice in Wonderland. (Alice and her sisters and Lewis Carroll/Dodgson used to row down river to Nuneham and visit friends. Alice’s younger sister Tillie got engaged to the heir to Nuneham Courtney but died before they married. He lived and died with a broken heart for the rest of his life and Nuneham was inherited by the man who introduced death duties under Gladstone.)

    I was hoping to use your pic (briefly as one of about 100 slides) in exchange for a very small donation and a mention of your fund in the program.

    Your story and charity look really interesting. Sorry about the paucity of the donation, I’m broke for the moment and the play is also in the aid of a good cause and will make no money. If you want you could come. St Mikael’s Church, Lyndhurst 7.30 next week Friday and Sat 18 & 19 September. If you don’t want the picture used please get in touch quick. Good luck with your fund. Should you come to the play, be sure to introduce yourself. Nick Mellersh

  2. […] It’s part of a series of posts written by Margot Wilson, whose daughter worked as a VSO volunteer, teaching science, in Rwanda. Her daughter was murdered in 2000 when the bus she was traveling on to Bujumbura in Burundi was attacked by rebels. She is now raising money which is given to groups in who are improving the lives of very poor people, usually in Rwanda. More here. […]

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    Thank you and I look forward to your reply.


  4. Phoenix says:

    I am writing from a secondary to ask for permission to use the picture The New River in Enfield Town Park for an ICT school project, it would be great if I could use the photo as it fits in perfectly with the other picture I have

    yours sincerely

  5. Alexia Georgiades says:

    Dear Ms Wilson,

    I am a student attending highlands school and as part of my ICT curriculum I must borrow 3 images of any park due to a project. I was wondering if it would be ok for me to use the image an image of Enfield Town Park as part of my project.

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  6. Alexia Georgiades says:

    Thank you so much, Alexia.

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