Viking Coastal Trail: a short morning walk from Margate

July 2nd and still managing to dodge the rain, the path westwards is alongside golden sands.

I cannot comment on the art within Margate’s new art gallery. However, from walking past, I am able to say  it seemed to have been built  perilously close to the sea and to resemble a gigantic shed.


The tourist information nearby is in elegant early nineteenth century buildings  from Margate’s genteel past when the aeroplane had not opened up the possibility of visiting resorts with more sunshine more easily.


The clock tower celebrates Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee of 1887.


As graffiti goes, I found the above among the more charming.


On a weekday before the school holidays began these sands were deserted.

The heroism of the local lifeboat crew is commemorated by this statue.

Surely there must be city dwellers who could have benefited from the use of these miles of empty beach huts!


I walked on to Westgate on Sea, still hugging the coast. One feature of a walk like this is the ready availability of refreshments and toilets.

The even-ness of the path is owing to the fact that it is shared with cyclists. 

Eventually, just before Birchington on Sea, the path ran out and it was necessary to take the coast road. I returned by the way I had come to take an afternoon coach.

This would be an easy day trip by train from South London and the path continues from Birchington on Sea via Reculver, Herne Bay and Whitstable.



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