The walk is finished.

Butteremere, amidst the unique fells of the Lake District, was the venue of the last mile. Having been beset by hail on the Honister Pass, the rain cleared after lunch and we indulged in stone skimming along the surface of the lake. Here then, as requested by one trustee some time ago, is a picture with me in it.

The becks raged down the fell into the lake, swollen by torrential rain earlier in the week. 

There we are, one fifth of the distance to Rwanda, covered since I started in July 2008. Hardly an athletic achievement but one which has led me to get to know London, the Thames and Kent in particular. The occasional forays to Paris and the North have been ones to savour. I’ve learnt to enjoy the pleasure of walking at one’s own pace, alone, as well as the familiar one of walking in company.

I’m grateful to all those readers who have commented and, occasionally, put me right on facts.

As for Rwanda, there continues to be splendid work done by the projects that the Charlotte Wilson Memorial Fund has supported. I wish that country a peaceful and democratic future.

We rarely support projects in Burundi because of the difficulties of overseeing them in a country so beset by conflict and turmoil. Until we can be confident that an attack like that on the Titanic bus can be punished and the perpetrators brought to book, there can be no peace.


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