Kew to Hammersmith: the trustees annual walk

We didn’t realise it on April 1st, but the good weather we enjoyed for this walk was to be followed by two unseasonally cold and wet months.

The trustees at the start of the walk

Having met at Kew Gardens Station we headed for the river. Fairly soon we stopped off at a riverside pub for lunch at Strand-on-the-Green.


For this walk I was guided once again by ‘Andrew Duncan’s Favourite London Walks’ Having left the river we walked through the grounds of Chiswick House. Progress was slow owing to the presence of five young children under five, who found much to interest them along the way.

We continued through the park

Thence we joined up with the towpath again along the Thames and through Chiswick village.

We enjoyed walking past historic houses, some, the guidebook points out, associated with the Arts and Crafts Movement. However our younger walkers found other attractions claimed their attention. This walk of 4.5 miles had taken all of this sunny afternoon and it was getting on for bed time when we reached Hammersmith station.


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