Gravel pit lakes: a circular walk from Cheshunt

Although I have walked along the towpath from Cheshunt many times, and visited some of the lakes formed from former gravel pits, I had never branched out and walked the very fine tarmac path to Fishers Green before. I found it a particularly rewarding walk on a fine autumn morning and even more beautiful than the towpath.

 half term upload 001

Lake formed from gravel pits near Cheshunt

I followed a leaflet from the Lea Valley Park Information Service describing it as one of their ‘best circular walks’.

From Cheshunt station I went into the Park at the Pindar Road car park, where I was disappointed to find that the toilets were closed for repair. Since a drain has collapsed, it could be some time before they re-open. I then crossed to Fisher Green and then turned south.

.half term upload 003

Next I circled back following the sign for Cheshunt station once more alongside the Horsemill stream via Hook’s Marsh. Having rejoined the river ,I went past the Young Mariners’ centre where the children used to enjoy sailing lessons. Behind this is the YHA.

Shortly afterwards the route branches off towards Holyfield Marsh and eventually reaches Holyfield Weir

half term upload 007

Holyfield Weir with sailing lake behind

I then took the path towards Hayes Hill Farm , which is the Lea Valley Park Farm. Next to this is the Lea Valley Information Centre and I was able to have my lunch in their cafe.

half term upload 009

Could these be bitterns?

This is an area where bitterns can be seen at this time of year. I wasn’t at all sure that I hadn’t seen a pair. According to my bird book, these birds are allies of herons.

From  here it is a short walk back to the station via Fisher Green and the river.

half term upload 010half term upload 012

This walk of about five miles (with links to Cheshunt station) had been in preparation for a joint walk on October 24th to celebrate the end of my 400 miles. However this walk was cancelled owing to heavy rain. It’s a fine one for families with push chairs nevertheless and at the end of September I had splendid weather.


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